Indie Spotlight: EL GRANDE Graphic Novel – Volume 1: “The Worm” from Joseph Karg and Elio Guevara

     May 24, 2014


While the writing may be on the wall as big studios continue to meddle in their comic book property adaptations, the good news is that independent artists and authors are still supporting the paperback medium.  Today’s Indie Spotlight highlights one such project, the first volume of writer Joseph Karg and author Elio Guevara’s graphic novel, El Grande.  They’re currently hard at work on “The Worm”, the first part of a six-part series that transcends genres to feature “tales of addiction, humor, love, and redemption in a drug-altered and chaos-fueled future that is already too close for comfort.”  It’s a beautiful start to an ambitious goal, but they need your help to secure printing and distribution in order to get copies of their work into the hands of their growing fanbase.  Hit the jump for much more, including how you can donate to the project and get some swag in return.

Take a look at the video for El Grande from Karg and Guevara below, and be sure to head over to their Kickstarter page to donate.  If you like what you see and hear, then following along with the project on their Facebook page, the official site for the graphic novel, as well as their Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

el-grande-graphic-novel“El Grande” is a graphic-novel meditation on mortality from Joseph Karg (Archer, Chozen) and Elio Guevara (Spectrum) that speaks with a skeptical voice about the future of our most closely held beliefs, our destiny as people, and our planet.

“El Grande Volume 1: The Worm” is the first installment of a six-part, genre-bending series set to feature tales of addiction, humor, love, and redemption in a drug-altered and chaos-fueled future that is already too close for comfort. At its heart is a mix of late-19th-century imagery and contemporary cutting-edge artwork by Elio Guevara giving form to a critical and comedic story by Joseph Karg.

An ominous figure has cast a shadow on Earth’s lone remaining city, Bramacas: El Grande is a god prophesied to return and wipe the planet clean of all life. Although there are many religious zealots who terrorize the city’s occupants in the name of El Grande, not everyone lives in fear, but will the only man standing in the face of terror be around long enough to save us? Aiming to capture the balance of order and chaos that could be experienced in a contemporary South American city like Caracas, Venezuela (the home town of El Grande illustrator Elio Guevara), this book portrays life in a potently imagined world that resonates with the one we live in today.

el-grande-elio-guevaraWe follow the life of a man calling himself El Gusano—The Worm. He lives on the verge of suicide, though not by his choice—he’s trying his best to kill himself. Aided by a motley crew of futuristic eco-engineers, our hero finds himself at the center of a potentially world-ending event.

Created in the spirit of David Lynch and Jean “Moebius” Giraud, El Grande portrays a drug-fueled supernatural tomorrow that falls somewhere between Leaving Las Vegas and Groundhog Day. According to writer Joseph Karg, “This story is as much about an exploration of character as it is of shifting tone. Science fictional and supernatural events serve as our pathways into other genres and moods that we’re interested in investigating through the unique visual methods and worlds we’ve developed.”


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