ELI ROTH – Exclusive Video Interview

     May 11, 2007

I just got home from attending tonight’s Saturn Awards and I got almost two hours of video interviews to edit and upload. What I’ll be posting tomorrow is unbelievable. I’ve got the cast of Heroes and the creators and writers, Jenna Fisher from The Office, James Gunn, Richard Donner, Bryan Singer, tons of interviews on the red carpet, so much I don’t know where to begin.

What I decided to do is get something up tonight and I went with Eli Roth as he announced something I hadn’t heard of and it sounded really cool. What I’m talking about is a new film called TRAILER TRASH and it’s going to be a feature film made up of all fake movie trailers. I suggest watching the video that’s posted below and you can hear Eli talk about it without any interruptions. I’ll warn you that I was doing the camera, holding the microphone and asking the questions… so Eli’s not perfectly centered some of the time. I did this thing tonight as punk rock as anyone there – no crew, no professionals helping me out, it was just me. Anyway, here are the highlights of what he talked about but you should watch the clip for more.

Check back tomorrow and Saturday as I have a ton of interviews that I’ll be posting. And the Heroes stuff is amazing!

Eli Roth highlights:

  • Answers if he is done with Hostel 2 since the movie is close to release
  • He’s attending the Burbank Fangoria Convention in a week and let’s us know what to expect.
  • I ask about the box office of Grindhouse and what went wrong since the film had a huge online and geek buzz. He said it was due to Easter Weekend and the running time.
  • Talks about what is coming up.
  • He announces that he is going to do a film that is just fake movie trailers and it’s called TRAILER TRASH!
  • He has a way to tie it all together so it will play as a movie and he will be doing all genres.
  • He says it won’t be low budget.
  • Trailers of Thanksgiving 2 and Hanukill
  • He spoke to other filmmakers and everyone wants to do it.
  • Edgar Wright, I asked about getting Greg Nicoatero to do a trailer and he said Greg asked if he could direct his zombie movie!
  • Might shoot some of the trailers before doing Cell and then do more later.

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