Netflix Finalizing a Deal for 13-Episode Horror Series HEMLOCK GROVE from Eli Roth

     December 12, 2011


With Netflix taking on original programming through their streaming service for the anticipated return of Arrested Development and a new series from David Fincher and Kevin Spacey called House of Cards, the DVD mailing and online streaming outlet is really making a stride to compete with cable television providers. Their most recent effort comes in the form of a horror series as Deadline reports Netflix is currently negotiating with Gaumont International Television for a 13-episode horror series called Hemlock Grove backed by Hostel mastermind Eli Roth. The series is based on an upcoming horror novel of the same name by Brian McGreevy the series is said to be set against the backdrop of our darkest myths, adolescent deceptions, ravenous relationships and rumors of a werewolf lurking about and aims to reimagine everything it means to be a monster as reflected in the struggle to be human. More after the jump.

McGreevy will adapt his own book for the series along with his writing partner Lee Shipman who are also working on a feature film reimagination of Dracula called Harker, a story which follows a Scotland Yard detective named Jonathan Harker who is tracking the infamous vampire. Sounds like putting a new twist on classic horror is their passion, and if the success of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story are any indicator, audiences are hungry for more terror on the small screen.