Eli Roth, Mick Garris and Tom DeSanto Video Interviews

     May 13, 2007

I’m trying to get through the rest of the video interviews I have from the 2007 Saturn Awards and I didn’t realize how much footage I shot. Rather than posting all these short interviews as individual articles I decided to post a few of them together and break it up into two parts.

In part one I have Eli Roth, Mick Garris and Tom DeSanto. And in part two I’ve got Nathan Fillion, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katee Sackhoff and Thomas Dekker.

Eli Roth on the Red Carpet (part 2)

He talks a bit about looking like Sylar from “Heroes” and I got him to talk about his birthday party with Edgar Wright. The best part is the ending when he talks about Lindsay Lohan showing up at the party….

Mick Garris on the Red Carpet

Talks about how he is there for Masters of Horror and being up for a few awards. Also talks aboutthe popularity of horror right now.

Tom DeSanto on the Red Carpet

  • Before I got him on camera someone asked him if what Shia said about 20 action set pieces in “Transformers” was accurate and he said that sounds about right.
  • Talks about the test screening and the reaction of the fans to the robots
  • Didn’t know Michael bay posted the high resolution images the other day
  • Asked about Magneto and X-Man spin offs and if he’ll be involved
  • Asked about money projections on transformers. He thinks they’ll be fine and just wants the fans to be happy.

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