Eli Roth Talks Sci-Fi Movie ENDANGERED SPECIES and More

     December 15, 2009


Last night, the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles held a red carpet premiere for the DVD release of Quentin Tarantino’s World War II opus Inglourious Basterds. The premiere featured cast and crew including Tarantino, producer Lawrence Bender, and most of the titular “basterds”, including Eli Roth. Collider was there to cover the event and a full write up will be available soon. However, we wanted to let you know what Roth told us about his upcoming sci-fi flick, Endangered Species.

“I have a sci-fi movie I’ll be directing called Endangered Species,” Roth said. This coming on the heels of horror film “Cotton”, an exorcism flick Roth’s been producing. “We just finished the sound mix on that and it’s really scary.”  Unfortunately, Roth wouldn’t provide any details about the plot of Species.

However, Roth did speak about making Basterds’ film-within-a-film, Nation’s Pride as well as a cut scene where he and fellow Basterd speak fake Italian to each other.  Hit the jump to read his comments on both.

inglourious_basterds_movie_image_eli_roth_brad_pitt_01.jpgRoth spoke on other subjects as well, including what it was like to act in a scene featuring the premiere of the film-within-a-film Nation’s Pride, which Roth guest-directed. “It was surreal. Seeing this movie I directed among three hundred Nazi extras. It was surreal on top of meta on top of bizarre.” Roth revealed that Obama was even inaugurated while the scene was being shot. “So I watched Obama be inaugurated in the middle of the premiere of Nation’s Pride, surrounded by three hundred Nazi extras.”

Roth also addressed one of the cut scenes from the film, in which he and fellow Basterd Omar Doom spoke fake Italian to each other. “We had a fun time shooting it, but unfortunately it made the ending too silly when it needed to be more serious. We had plenty of silly in there already, especially with the scene on the red carpet… it worked on it’s own but within the context of the piece… it was… oddly over-kill.”

Did the scene in question make it onto the DVD?

“I don’t believe so,” Roth said.

Inglourious Basterds in now available to own on DVD and Blu-ray.

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