Elijah Wood talks 9, Miyazaki, Farming, and how he plans to guarantee trips to Comic-Con

     September 7, 2009


In all the coverage I’m going to write for Focus Features’ upcoming “9”, I want to make one thing clear – I really enjoyed this movie. It’s rare that American animated films don’t just pander to kiddies, and this one actually attempts to tell a very grown-up tale. Anyhow, Comic-Con mainstay Elijah Wood voices the title character 9, and at the “9” press junket he gave maybe the best response ever to how he would attempt to survive after the apocalypse.  He also had plenty to say about genre films, animation, and trying his hand at producing horror films.  Watch the full interview after the jump.

And for more on “9”, here’s some movie clips and the synopsis.


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