Elijah Wood Talks THE HOBBIT

     January 21, 2011


There and back again indeed. A couple of weeks ago we told you that Elijah Wood would be returning to Middle Earth with director Peter Jackson by reprising his role as Frodo in The Hobbit. While some fans were up-in-arms over the fact that Frodo doesn’t appear in Tolkien’s original book version of The Hobbit, Wood recently spoke out about his return and assured fans that his appearance doesn’t belittle the book at all:

“You know, it’s a very small piece, and I think that’s the most appropriate. Obviously Frodo’s not alive within the context of the ‘Hobbit’ piece. It’s an idea that Peter and Fran [Walsh] and Philippa [Boyens] — the writers — came up with. The way that it’ll fit in will not at all infringe upon the integrity of ‘The Hobbit.’ So I think it’s — it’ll fit. And it’ll be appropriate. And I’m excited. It’ll be great.”

Does this “idea” that the writers came up with include reuniting the whole Hobbiton crew? At this point, no one’s saying one way or another and no casting has been announced that would confirm this idea. But it’s worth hoping for, right? Hit the jump for more from Wood’s interview with MTV News.

the_hobbit_book_coverSpeaking about the joy of reuiniting with the old Lord of the Rings gang, Wood had this to say:

“It’s a gift to be able to go back to New Zealand, I mean, it’s largely the same crew and the same creative team. It’s seven years since we finished on the last film, and it’s an opportunity to go back and have a reunion with everyone.”

While he was mum on the details of his return, we previously reported on a rumor of how Frodo would be incorporated into The Hobbit films. If you don’t mind being spoiled regarding Frodo’s return, click here. Peter Jackson directs from a script by Jackson, Phillipa Boyens, Fran Walsh and Guilermo del Toro. The Hobbit Part I is scheduled to be released in 3D in December 2012, with The Hobbit Part II set to follow (again, in 3D) in December 2013.

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