Elyse Levesque Exclusive On Set Interview STARGATE UNIVERSE

     November 1, 2010

At the beginning of September, I was invited – along with a few others – to the Vancouver set of Stargate Universe.  While you may have thought I was done posting on set interviews, I’ve got one more and it’s with Elyse Levesque.

During the interview, Levesque talks about all the changes her character (Chloe Armstrong) goes through during season two.  In addition, we talked about filming on the incredible sets of the Destiny ship, what’s her process with getting scripts, and we even covered social media like Twitter and Facebook.  It’s a very relaxed interview that was done in one of the Destiny hallways. Check it out after the jump:

Remember, SGU now airs on Tuesday nights on Syfy.  Check your local listings if you live outside the United States.

Finally, if you missed the other on set interviews I posted with the cast, here’s some links: David Blue and Elyse Levesque, Robert Carlyle, Justin Louis and Brian J. Smith, and producer Brad Wright.  And here’s a very cool behind the scenes tour with producer Brad Wright where he reveals the new bridge set.

Elyse Levesque

  • Talks about where we are standing
  • Talks about how interactive the set is with steam and other effects
  • 1:50 – Does she find herself walking through this hallway again and again
  • 2:40 – The bridge set and how every year you get one new set
  • 3:20 – What is it like to talk about the beginning of season 2 when they are shooting episode 14 or so
  • 4:30 – How much was she told before filming began about what was going to happen to her character
  • 6:10 – Did she know when her character was taken by aliens that it would be a big arc in season two
  • 6:50 – What is her process with scripts
  • 7:55 – Twitter talk