Emile Hirsch, Christian Bale, America Ferrara and Get Smart Director Peter Segal

     March 15, 2008

I have so many video interviews to edit and post this weekend that I’m going to keep the intros very brief. The thing to know is they were done on the red carpet before the Warner Bros. presentation at ShoWest a few days ago.

As I always do, I listed what we talked about above the interviews. Some of them are exclusives, and some are shared interviews. As you watch you’ll be able to tell if it’s just me asking questions or if others also joined in.

And even though 99% of you know why the people were there… Emile was promoting “Speed Racer,” America Ferrara was promoting “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” Peter Segal is the director of “Get Smart” and if you don’t know who Christian Bale is…

And one last thing, if you missed my exclusive interview with Joel Silver where he talked about “Ninja Assassin” and how he’s working with Shane Black again, click here.

Look for more video interviews all weekend.

Emile Hirsch

  • Talks about working with the Wachowski Brothers
  • Did he know it was going to look the way it looks when he got involved
  • Milk talk
  • What’s been the best part of the last year and making all these movies

Christian Bale

  • Talks about playing Batman for the 2nd time
  • Someone asks about being at ShoWest
  • I manage to ask him about working with the IMAX cameras and if he has seen himself on the IMAX screen yet

America Ferrara

  • Did she play the role any differently in part 2
  • Working with the rest of the cast
  • Talks about ShoWest
  • A Spanish question

Peter Segal – Director of Get Smart

  • I ask what are the challenges of showing footage online but still maintaining some surprises for the audience
  • I ask what it’s been like working with John August on Shazam and is it his next feature
  • Last question is what was it like working with Steve and Anne

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