‘Me Before You’ Trailer Ensures That Emilia Clarke Will Make You Sob

     February 3, 2016


I bet you were thinking today was going to be a good day with positive feelings and no need to just randomly burst out crying. And then here comes the first trailer for Me Before You, the anticipated adaptation of Jojo Moyes‘ hugely popular romance novel, to go and through a perfectly nice day all into tumult. The film stars Emilia Clarke, the mother of dragons herself, as a poppy, unemployed British woman who takes an unwanted job of taking care of a wealthy, wheelchair-bound man, played by Sam Claflin of The Hunger Games franchise. There’s some serious Nicholas Sparks vibes coming off of this sucker, but there’s the slightest hint that this film will be happy enough to be a bit more fun (and funny) than tripe like The Notebook or The Vow. You can check out the trailer right below:

Admittedly, I haven’t read Moyes’ novel but it’s certainly proven to be a hit in the same range as Sparks’ books, and this has that whole doomed romance thing going on. Still, a good cast heals quite a lot of narrative wounds and aside from Clarke and Claflin, the film boasts a cast that includes Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman, the great Janet McTeer, and Clarke’s Game of Thrones co-star Charles Dance. There’s also Matthew Lewis, known for his performance as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies and his, er, noticeable Twitter account, as well as Downton Abbey axiom Brendan Coyle.


Image via Warner Bros.

More important than this, however, is the fact that the film would be the feature-film debut of Thea Sharrock, the former prolific theatre director who has recently done some commendable work as a television director on Call the Midwife and the Henry V portion of The Hollow Crown. Sharrock will be working from a script by Moyes herself and the team of Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, who penned The Fault in Our Stars (oh no!) and The Spectacular Now (yay!). So, we’ve got a pretty classic 50-50 here, but there’s enough talent to at least give this inevitable tearjerker a chance.


Image via Warner Bros.

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