Emily Blunt Joining Matt Damon in George Nolfi’s THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU

     July 14, 2009


Although we’ll always wonder what she would have done with the role of Black Widow in “Iron Man 2”, Emily Blunt is still doing well for herself.  She’ll next be seen alongside Benecio del Toro in Joe Johnston’s remake of “The Wolf Man” and next Summer she’ll be the Princess of Lilliputia in “Gulliver’s Travels”.  On top of that, she’s just joined Matt Damon to star in George Nolfi’s “The Adjustment Bureau” which is based on a Philip K. Dick (let’s think positive and not assume that automatically means disaster).  Hit the jump to find out what kind of Dick-ensian mischief they’ll be getting into.

According to THR, the story, which Nolfi also adapted, follows a congressman (Damon), on the rise in politics, who meets a beautiful ballet dancer (Blunt) only to discover strange circumstances keep them apart.  The strange circumstances? Herpes Simplex B.  We’ve all been there.

This will be Damon’s third collaboration with Nolfi as Nolfi is credited with writing the screenplays for “Ocean’s Twelve” and “The Bourne Ultimatum”.  Damon currently has three films schedule to come out at the end of this year: Steven Soderbergh’s “The Informant!”, Paul Greengrass’ “Green Zone”, and Clint Eastwood’s “Invictus”.  So, yeah.  He kind of works with talented folks.

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