December 4, 2009

emily_blunt_1_.jpgEmily Blunt is proving herself to be a highly versatile actress who is making a career out of taking on varied and challenging roles, in a wide array of projects. After playing Queen Victoria in the soon to be released The Young Victoria, which illustrates the turbulent first years of the young queen’s rule and her enduring romance with Prince Albert, the Brit jumped into the world of the fantastical with roles in The Wolfman, opposite Benicio Del Toro, and Gulliver’s Travels, where she plays a Princess opposite Jack Black’s Gulliver.

While at the press day for The Young Victoria, Emily Blunt talked about the work she did on both of those films, along with the extensive training she endured to play a ballerina in the film she is currently making, The Adjustment Bureau, opposite Matt Damon.

Check out what she had to say after the jump.

Question: You have a couple of big projects coming out in 2010, with The Wolfman and Gulliver’s Travels. What’s it like working in such fantastical worlds?

The Wolfman movie Emily Blunt (2).jpgEmily: It’s funny because The Wolfman was a different kind of genre for me. The thing with The Wolfman is that it’s quite hard to do those genres sometimes because you want to have the characters react in a very real way to something that’s so otherworldly and supernatural that you’ve never had experience with that yourself. I’ve never come across a wolfman. I don’t believe in it. And so, to have your whole existential bubble burst and try to react and show that in a realistic way was tricky. It helped that Benicio [Del Toro], as the wolfman, looks absolutely fucking terrifying. That helps transport you because it really makes your skin crawl, it’s so frightening. So, yeah, when I got chased by the wolfman, I ran for my life. I hate being chased, number one. That’s my pet hate. When I was a kid, my mom would chase me up the stairs for a joke and I would cry. I hated it. So now, I’m living my nightmare in this movie. It was really fun.

And, Gulliver’s was a blast. It was just heaven to work with Jack [Black]. Everyone should run to work with him ’cause he’s awesome. And, I got to play a princess. Obviously, I’m only taking on roles where someone will curtsy to me .

The Wolfman movie Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro.jpgWhat is your character in The Wolfman?

Emily: I play Gwen, who I suppose is the damsel in distress character. She’s the love interest for Benicio’s character.

And, you had to do extensive training to play a ballerina in The Adjustment Bureau, the film you’re working on with Matt Damon?

Emily: Yeah. The dancing is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, honestly. I finally finished all the dancing scenes and I was so emotional at the end of it, it was pathetic. I was probably so relieved. But, it’s been a real learning curve to learn how to join a contemporary ballet company and try to fit in. I’ve never danced in my life, so it was a good learning curve for me. I think it’s probably good sometimes to be put in situations which are so frightening and alien to you, and to have to try to overcome them. This has actually been the hardest job I’ve ever had to do, just for the maintenance of it.

How much dance training did you have to do?

Emily_Blunt_image (2).jpgEmily: I did six weeks of dance training and gym training, and then I go as much as I can while I’ve been shooting. I have to go to the gym and keep up my guns and keep up my pirouettes.

Do you have any idea what you’ll be doing after you finish that film?

Emily: I don’t know what I’m doing after this. I think I’m going to have some time off, which will be nice. I’ll take some time off and have a real think about what I want to do next. I’d like to take my time and find something that I really, really adore.

What do you look for, when you’re deciding what projects to do?

Emily: The objective is that I don’t try to do the same thing. I try not to emulate something I’ve done before. And, I’m a real people watcher, so I like trying to play characters that are as diverse from each other as possible, simply because it’s more fun for me, actually. But, it definitely is a conscious decision to try to do something I haven’t done before and play someone that is unfamiliar to me.

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