Emma Stone Quotes Admiral Akbar in our EASY A Video Interview

     September 16, 2010

If you DON’T like Emma Stone, I think there must be something wrong with you.  Stone has lit up the screen in several supporting roles from The House Bunny to Zombieland.  Finally carrying the tag of lead actor in Screen Gems’ Easy A, Stone plays Olive Penderghast who finds herself through — some fault of her own — at the swirling center of a rumor mill that leads to her being ostracized much like literary character Hester Pryn (from the book she’s studying in English Class).  At the Easy A press junket, Stone had plenty to say about adolescence, the challenges of carrying a film, and how she feels about the Zombieland sequel.  Watch the full interview after the jump.

In the interview, Emma Stone is incredibly honest about adolescent and her current fears that pop up from time to time.  She gushes about the possibility of working with her Zombieland cohorts again, and is so candid about her role in the real life rumor mill that she even takes me by surprise.  Yup.  At the end of the interview, Emma Stone ADMIRAL AKBARS me.  That. Happened.  She also absolutely embodies the witty, warm, wonderfully headstrong Olive in this delightful film.  Seriously, how is everyone not crazy about this girl?  Screen Gems’ Easy A opens September 17th.

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