Emmanuel Lubezki Answers Twenty Three Questions

     April 10, 2007

Written by Brett Jacobs

One week prior to the Oscars, Emmanuel Lubezki graciously fielded questions from a moderator and select audience members at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood following a screening of CHILDREN OF MEN, his second masterwork after last year’s tone poem, THE NEW WORLD.

“Chivo”, as he prefers, provides thoughtful ruminations on the digital age, his personal maturation as a cinematographer, his collaboration with friend and mentor, Alfonso Cuaron, and reveals the hotly anticipated secrets behindmany of the film’s ground-breaking sequences, including the car, baby and war-zonescenes.

This interview is meant to coincide with the DVD release of CHILDREN OF MEN by Universalnow available on DVD and HD-DVD. This contribution is of particular interest considering the conspicuous absence of Chivo from much of the DVD’s bonus features.

Click on the question for Chivo’s response.

1. What was your very first project at film school?

2. What was your first professional movie?

3. How did you first meet Cuaron?

4. What was your first collaboration together?

5. How has your relationship developed over the years?

6. When did you first hear about Children of Men?

7. Did you read the book?

8. Did you screen any films for inspiration?

9. Did you do much testing?

10. Can you talk about the style of Children of Men?

11. This style, or “naturalization’, seems to be a continuation from The New World. Did you do any electronic preparation (i.e., Kodak Look manager) for either film?

12. Can you talk about the color of the film?

13. Can you talk about the long takes as a technique in the film?

14. What lenses were you working with?

15. What film stock did you use?

16. Can you talk about the aspect ratio?

17. Can you talk about the blood on the lens scene’?

18. Can you talk about the birth scene?

19. Do you prefer 35MM or DV?

20. Can you talk about the car scene?

21. Can you talk about the signage in the film? How much was done in post?

22. Is digital really cheaper?

23. What is the future of cinema?

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