Emmanuel Lubezki’s iPhone 12 Pro Ad Showcases New Filmmaking Possibilities

     October 14, 2020


Count on famed cinematographer Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki to make the new iPhone 12 Pro an even more must-have item than it already is. Lubezki, whose work you’ve no doubt seen and enjoyed in Sleepy HollowChildren of Men, and The Revenant, has made an ad for Apple showcasing the wonders of the iPhone 12 Pro’s photographic abilities. Over the course of his one-minute ad, Lubezki’s work shows off all of the possibilities this newer piece of tech offers to filmmakers and champions those possibilities in voiceover.


Image via Apple

The iPhone 12 Pro was unveiled alongside the iPhone 12 at this week’s Apple event. As is often the case with differing versions of iPhone models, the Pro boasts something its humble no-Pro counterpart does not: It’s “the first and only device that enables you to capture, edit, watch, and share Dolby Vision video,” according to Apple. This means that when you shoot video on your iPhone 12 Pro, you can shoot in 4K HDR Dolby Vision and capture 60 frames per second. For reference, Ang Lee‘s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk was shot at 120 fps — the highest frame-rate count for a piece of filmmaking to date — while the similarly high frame-rate feature The Hobbit, from director Peter Jackson, was shot at 48 fps.

Apple is clearly in no mood to mess around in the minor leagues when it comes to elevating the cinematic possibilities with its tech. Lubezki’s ad further sells this point to prospective buys. The ad plays like cut scenes from a Terence Malick feature, but it’s pretty freakin’ gorgeous to behold. As we watch long, lush shots of a woman roaming through a desert at sunset, a horse galloping at full speed, and that same woman waking up in her bed, Lubezki praises how far technology has come for filmmakers and cinematographers insofar as the iPhone 12 Pro could, in theory, replace all of the clunkier equipment necessary to make the same onscreen magic happen. The ad is a triumph — and will have you reassessing your budget to see if you have any “iPhone 12 Pro” money lying around.

You can watch Emmanuel Lubezki’s new iPhone 12 Pro ad below. For more, find out what’s going on over at Apple TV+.

You can also check out the full Apple Event from October 13 below. Lubezki’s ad comes in at the 57-minute mark.

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