Emmanuelle Chriqui Joins Val Kilmer in Renny Harlin’s GEORGIA

     October 27, 2009


Before we continue, Renny Harlin’s upcoming film “Georgia” is not about The Peach State and the tale how Coca-Cola will one day flow out of our drinking fountains.  “Georgia” is based on last year’s conflict between Russia and the country of Georgia.  THR reports that hottie/red-carpet eye candy Emmanuelle Chriqui will play opposite Val Kilmer in the drama about an American journalist (Kilmer) and his cameraman caught in the crossfire and a Georgia native (Chriqui) and doctoral student who becomes entangled with them.

Chriqui is best known for her role on “Entourage” playing the love interest of Kevin Connolly’s character, Eric.  Since “Entourage’ is a fantasy, I believe the most recent episode featured a tearful goodbye between them before Eric had to go and drop the The One Ring into Mount Doom.  Kilmer has appeared in numerous roles but he has a lifetime free pass from me for his performance in “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”.  And as for Renny Harlin, he made “Cutthroat Island” and has since kept trying to go even lower with “Driven”, “Mindhunters”, “Exorcist: The Beginning”, and “The Covenant”.  I like “Cliffhanger” too but no one should even sell that guy a camcorder after that track record.  Anyway, there’s nothing more to say about “Georgia” but if you want to see some pictures of Chriqui letting us all know she’s attractive, hit the jump.



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