The Best and Worst Moments of the 2016 Emmy Awards

     September 19, 2016


The 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards may have gotten so much right that it will be looked back on as a unicorn year, or maybe it’s just that the show is finally catching up to the realities of Peak TV. It’s easy to make digs at the broadcast networks and the quality of their programming, but the numbers do not lie: this year, more Emmys went to (and had nominations from) cable, streaming, and premium networks than the Big Four. The top two winners of the awards, HBO (22, including Creative Arts Emmys) and FX (18, who won the most of any basic cable network in history) pulled far and away from third place finisher Netflix (9). Of the Top 10 network winners, less than half were broadcast. Things aren’t just starting to change — they already have.

It was a good night for an number of reasons, including host Jimmy Kimmel keeping things short and to the point (mostly … sandwiches and the apple setup with Matt Damon notwithstanding). The show actually clocked in at 3 hours, which is all an awards viewer can ever ask for, and Kimmel kept jokes mild, mostly focusing on the facts (something the writers for the presenters should keep in mind. These people just need to stand there looking pretty, let’s be real — they don’t need to tell stilted jokes).

You can look at the full list of winners here, which were mostly pretty great. But below you’ll find my picks for the very best and worst moments from the ceremony: