ENCHANTED 2 Moving Forward at Disney with SHREK 2 and SMURFS Writers

     July 1, 2014


Seven years after the first film implanted “Happy Working Song” into everyone’s heads, Disney is finally getting serious about Enchanted 2.  The original pic, directed by Kevin Lima, imagined what would happen if one of Disney’s gleeful and song-filled princesses made her way into present day New York City, with Amy Adams filling the lead role of Giselle.  The result was a funny, catchy, and surprisingly self-aware film that went on to gross $340 million at the worldwide box office.  Talk of a sequel surfaced soon after, but the follow-up failed to materialize.

Now, with Frozen having grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide and lighting up the home video charts, Disney suddenly has renewed interest in an Enchanted sequel as it has set new screenwriters on the project.  Hit the jump for more.

enchanted-2-sequel-amy-adams-patrick-dempseyPer Deadline, Disney has hired J. David Stern and David N. Weiss to pen the screenplay for Enchanted 2.  The duo has plenty of experience in the family friendly realm, having written The Rugrats Movie, Shrek 2, and both Smurfs movies.  Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) is attached to direct Enchanted 2, but hopefully the hiring of Stern and Weiss doesn’t mean the follow-up will be toned down for a more kid-friendly audience.

The 2007 film managed to be funny and cheery while also poking fun at familiar Disney tropes, sometimes in a more adult manner.  The balancing act of that tone was what made Enchanted so fun (that and Adams’ adorably naïve/nonsensical songs), so hopefully that sensibility is maintained for the sequel.  It’s unclear which cast members will be returning for Enchanted 2 (in addition to Adams, the cast included James MarsdenPatrick DempseyIdina Menzel, and Susan Sarandon), but Stern and Weiss will be working from an earlier draft that was written by Jessie Nelson.  Adams has made no secret of her love for singing, so one imagines she’d be happy to return for the follow-up.  Here’s hoping it will have been worth the wait.


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