Marc Maron Helps Us Laugh Away Existential Dread in the ‘End Times Fun’ Trailer

     February 26, 2020


Netflix has released the official trailer for End Times Fun, the new comedy special from Marc Maron. Maron has long been a fave with Netflix, starring on the ’80s wrestling series GLOW and putting up the 2013 special Thinky Pain at the streaming giant.

It looks like Maron, once again, wants to help us all laugh in the face of soul-crushing existential dread. The albeit brief trailer begins with Maron joking, “The reason we’re not more upset about the world ending environmentally, I think, is because all of us in our hearts really that know we did everything we could,” and proceeding to hit the punchline: “We brought our own bags to the supermarket. Yeah, that’s about it.” So, yeah, we can expect Maron to halfheartedly lecture us with the same amusing but dejected energy prevalent throughout his stories career. What else would you expect from the guy being the WTF podcast and the low-key hilarious Thinky Pain special?

In addition to lamenting the end of days because we just brought reusable bags to the supermarket, Maron’s End Times Fun will “touches on trying to ‘stay woke,’ the importance of taking turmeric, life before cell phones, and vaccinating children against measles, mumps, and Marvel movie fans,” per Netflix. It’s the end of the world as we know, but Maron wants to assure us we should all feel fine about it.

End Times Fun arrives on Netflix on March 10. Check out the official trailer below. For more, check out our round-up of the best TV shows and originals on Netflix right now.


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