English-language Remake of Danish Hit TERRIBLY HAPPY in the Works

     February 13, 2010

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Having seen the Danish movie Terribly Happy at last year’s Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival, I certainly think it’s great news that an English-language remake is on the way, especially since it will stay in the hands of the original movie’s director.

Henrik Ruben Genz is in talks to direct a $10-$15M remake of his $4M movie, with a script being finished up now by Howard Rodman (Savage Grace), according to ScreenDaily. But what is Terribly Happy about? Well, it tells the story of down-on-his luck police officer who finds a whole lot of strange happenings when he tries to start anew in a remote Danish village. It’s filled with the kind of dark and dry wit that so often gets lost in translation when such movies cross the pond, but with Genz still on board, here’s hoping this will be a welcome exception.

Hit the jump to hear more of what Genz had to say about the project.

Terribly Happy movie image (6).jpgTerribly Happy, based on the novel by Erling Jepsen, indeed opens the window to a mysterious community, in the original version on Denmark’s Jutland peninsula, so I can certainly understand why Genz would want to revisit it for a new audience.

“I felt I wasn’t finished with the material and wanted to explore it further,” Genz said. “When the opportunity for a remake came up I felt I couldn’t let go of this curiosity and energy that bound me to the material.”

Producer Thomas Gammeltoft, who’s one of the backers of both this project and the original, sums up the attraction of the original movie perfectly in this next quote, and though he might be a little too optimistic about its box office potential, there’s certainly the market for a smart police procedural that mixes in a little – dare I say it – Twin Peaks.

“It’s a rollercoaster ride that has good and evil and a broken man trying to put himself back together,” Polakoff said. “I think it will play like gangbusters for a US audience.”

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