E!Online Prefers Rumors to Facts

     December 15, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Slow news day? Not to worry! You can always go down to the Rumor Mill and pick yourself up some stories. Who cares if they’re not even grounded in the slightest bit of fact—rumors are delicious!

Today, E!Online, in a desperate attempt to pick up some traffic, is floating the idea that Rachel Weisz may be playing Catwoman in the next Batman movie. That would be great. Weisz is a tremendous actress and I’d be happy to see her raise her profile even higher with such a role. There’s just one tiny problem: there is no next Batman movie. There’s not even a script. But here’s E!Online saying that there’s not only a script, but Catwoman will play a major role!

And since fiction is the order of the day, here’s some more “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns to Strike Back”* rumors that I just pulled out of the ether! First, Robin is also in the film and he’ll be played by Zac Efron and they’ll be battling an army of vampire controlled by The Riddler and Killer Moth (played by Dane Cook and Robert Davi). The film will be five hours long and shot entirely on old hand-crank cameras.

Wow, that was so much easier than just reporting facts. Rumor on!

*Yep, that’s the new title. Run with it!

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