This Stunning Unreal Engine 5 Demo for PS5 Teases the Future of Gaming

     May 13, 2020


Epic Games has released a demo for Unreal Engine 5 for PlayStation 5 and it’s truly incredible. The demo comes from the company behind the uber-popular battle royal game Fortnite and previews some seriously mind-blowing, next-level graphics and possible gameplay.

Gameplay footage was revealed during the Summer Game Fest livestream event. The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley posted a brief clip from Epic Games’ nine-minute demo on Twitter, captioning the video with, “This. Is. PlayStation 5. In Real Time. And it’s gameplay of a new demo created by @epicgames.” 

The demo, titled “Lumen in the Land of Nanite,” isn’t necessarily a game set for release (via Washington Post). The demo is fully playable but is intended to serve as a preview of Epic Games’ next game development engine — Unreal Engine 5 — and specifically two aspects of said engine, Lumen and Nanite. The Lumen aspect controls the lighting system while the Nanite aspect helps to create better detail within a game’s graphics. And, because it was run on PS5 hardware, the demo also serves as a darn good preview of what kind of gameplay is possible on PS5.

While the Unreal Engine 5 demo doesn’t necessarily serve as a preview for one particular game, it does tease what it possible during gameplay on PS5, specifically games created at Epic. With this technology in hand, players will be treated to one of the most immersive playing experiences to date. The graphics of the Unreal Engine 5 demo can definitely help sell anyone who may be hesitant about PS5, especially if other teases about the new system (like that controller preview) left you with some major questions. All things considered, it’s definitely worth nine minutes of your day to watch the Epic Games demo; you’re going to be totally blown away.

You can watch the complete Unreal Engine 5 demo from Epic Games below. For more, get all the PS5 updates you’re craving here.

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