Visual Effects Supervisors Eric Barba and Bjoern Mayer Talk OBLIVION Blu-ray, Working with Joseph Kosinski, Their Favorite Effects, and More

     August 6, 2013

Visual Effects Supervisors Eric Barba Bjoern Mayer oblivion interview slice

Out this week on Blu-ray is Oblivion.  The sci-fi spectacle stars Tom Cruise as Jack, a drone repairman stationed on the abandoned remains of earth.  With the planet destroyed by a war with the alien “Scavs” Jack is assigned to the surface with a mission to extract vital resources that fuel the new human colony.  And his mission is almost complete, but a crashed ship soon uncovers a truth that calls into question everything he believes, and puts the fate of humanity in his hands.  Oblivion also stars Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Melissa Leo.

Oblivion’s greatest strength is its stunning visuals and masterful effects, and in celebration of the film’s Blu-ray release I recently sat down with Visual Effects Supervisors Eric Barba and Bjoern Mayer to talk about creating the film’s impressive aesthetic.  During the interview they talked about the interplay between two studios bringing to life a single vision, how closely they worked with director Joseph Kosinski, which effects were most difficult to pull off, and their favorite effects in the finished film.  Hit the jump to watch.

Eric Barba and Bjoern Mayer:

  • Since they work at different studios, how was their interaction making Oblivion
  • How closely did they work with director Joseph Kosinski
  • Which effect was the toughest to pull off
  • Which effect ended up being their favorite



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