Eric Kripke on ‘Supernatural’s Success and His New NBC Show ‘Timeless’

     July 1, 2016

At this year’s Saturn Awards, I managed to get a few minutes with Eric Kripke on the red carpet before the show began. As the creator of Supernatural and one of the creators of the upcoming NBC time travel show Timeless, he was in attendance to receive The Dan Curtis Legacy Award for being “one of the most successful and sought-after showrunners in television today.”


Image via The CW

During the interview, Kripke talked about the success of Supernatural, how long the show can last, its popularity around the world, and more. In addition, we chatted about Timeless, how it’s influenced by Quantum Leap, gearing up for 13 episodes but hoping to do 22, and wanting to make a show that feels like a an early Steven Spielberg movie and making time travel fun again. Check out what he had to say in the video above, and see the full list of topics we cover below. Timeless premieres on NBC Monday, October 3rd.

Eric Kripke:

  • When Supernatural premiered how long did he think it could last for?
  • How long can the show last?
  • Is he still involved?
  • Fan reaction to certain storylines.
  • The popularity of the show around the world.
  • What does he want to tell people about Timeless?
  • Did NBC want to know his plans for the future of the show?
  • Is the show influenced by Quantum Leap?
  • They’re set up for 13 episodes but hoping to do 22.

Image via NBC