January 12, 2011


It seems Oscar winning scribe Eric Roth, who has penned such greats as Forest Gump, Munich, and — if you’re into disturbing stories of age reversal — The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is now attached to the troubled Jim Carrey vehicle Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. According to Deadline, Roth will completely rewrite the script that has previously been attempted by Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewskie and John Collee.

We first heard of the film’s development back in 2007, but for various reasons the project was stalled. Fans of Jim Carrey (as well as fans of two headed people, crazy stories of survival, mutated goats, etc.) may exalt because now we have more reason to look forward to the film… as well as reason to believe it will actually be completed. But keep aware, Jim Carrey will not be replacing Dean Cain on TBS (although that would be outlandish fun). Instead, this will be a film following the life of Robert Ripley (played by Carrey) as he explores exotic places searching for unusual people.  Check out why this project has long been in development purgatory after the jump:

ripleys-believe-it-or-not-goat-imageParamount Pictures was just about to begin production in China in 2007, before Tim Burton left the project.  He was replaced by Christopher Columbus (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) in October 2008, but a combination of Burton’s departure and Carrey proposing some new and rather ambitiously pricey ideas brought the film to an almost four-year standstill.

While the Roth news is exciting, I was on board right after hearing that Carrey would play yet another character that specializes in the insane. And if there’s anything Carrey can do, it’s convey all sides of the crazy spectrum. I personally believe that the Liar Liar star is still one of the best physical comedians to date and has proved some serious acting chops in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Man on the Moon. As for now, let’s just see if Ripley’s even lasts the year.

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