Are Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy Shooting BEFORE SUNRISE/BEFORE SUNSET Sequel BEFORE MIDNIGHT in Greece Right Now?

     August 28, 2012

before midnight ethan hawke julie delpy

A sequel to follow up on Before Sunrise and Before Sunset has been rumored for years now, pretty much since Sunset premiered in 2004.  In June, Ethan Hawke suggested the sequel—rumored to be titled Before Midnight—was supposed to shoot this summer (although co-star Julie Delpy believed they were at least a year away).  As you may have noticed, we are running out of summer.  Is it possible that Hawke and Delpy already started shooting Before Midnight with director Richard Linklater?  A bit of detective work places Hawke and Delpy in Greece right now, working on a project that very well may be the sequel of interest.  It’s best to pass along the info in bullet form after the jump.

Thanks to The Playlist for the tip.

before sunset sequel before midnight hawke julie delpy

  • GR Reporter claims that Linklater has turned the area of Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese into a film set for the conclusion of his trilogy.
  • Flix notes that Linklater’s Detour Films is working with Greece-based Faliro House to produce the sequel, which helps explain the location of the shoot.  (Before Sunrise was set in Vienna; Before Sunset took place in Paris.)
  • Greece-Travel-Fun says Hawke has been in Greece all month and started shooting Midnight on August 15.
  • Blogger Andrew Bostock confirmed Hawke is indeed on the island shooting a Greek/American production.  Bostock heard Delpy’s name among the rumors, but admitted he could only speculate that this is part of the Before series.
  • One of the commenters on Bostock’s blog sighted Delpt and Hawke together at a supermarket in Kardamily.

The puzzle pieces fit together well, and Linklater and Hawke have shown a penchant for shooting on the down-low with their semi-secret Twelve-Year Project.  If this is indeed Before Midnight (or whatever it will be called), we should learn more details in an official capacity soon enough.


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