Ethan Hawke Says BEFORE SUNSET Follow-Up Shoots This Summer

     June 13, 2012


Despite admitting that he had “gotten into trouble” and was now “sworn to secrecy,” Ethan Hawke confirmed that he and his longtime collaborator Richard Linklater would be shooting a follow-up to their critically acclaimed films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset this summer.

Almost ten years passed between the first two films, and we are quickly approaching almost a decade since the last. Though not much else is known about the next installment to this now-trilogy, Linklater and Hawke’s interest in the passage of time is without question.  The two have also been working on The 12-Year Project, literally filming a mere one vignette a year. For more on that project, the Sunset sequel and Hawke’s other recent projects, hit the jump.

In an interview with Indie Wire, Hawke said of The 12-Year Project:before-sunrise-ethan-hawke

“it follows the life of a little boy from first grade to twelfth grade.  And so the movie is a series of vignettes.  I play his father; just little moments of childhood and stuff. What the movie’s largely really about is time.”

Speaking of time, Hawke did speak to a feeling of pressure regarding the the follow-up to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset:

“The biggest change between this one and the last one is the Internet.  The first time we did it, we didn’t have any pressure; nobody gave a shit.”

In the before-sunset-ethan-hawkerest of the very candid interview, Hawke talked about his latest film The Woman in the Fifth (out in select theaters Friday and available on VOD), which is set in a gloomy Paris and co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas as a mysterious, sexually charged woman who enters Tom’s life and serves as his muse.  In discussing its Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski, Hawke said:

I made some movies that are influenced by European filmmaking, like Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. But I’d never really worked with a full-blown European artist who comes from that school and didn’t grow up watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.  They literally called me The American Populist on the set.  They really see cinema as an art form.  In this country, it’s kind of pretentious to say that.  People want it to be big business.  These Polish guys, they laugh at that – the idea of how big businesses have usurped a whole artistic medium.”

But Hawke closed the interview by commenting on a truth wholly without borders – the awkwardness of filming sex scenes.

“They’re very strange. [He laughs] ‘Hi, my name’s Ethan, and this is how I orgasm.’ It’s tough.”


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