Ethan Hawke Talks PREDESTINATION, Fate Vs. Free Will, Re-Teaming with the Spieirig Brothers, and More

     January 10, 2015


It may be strange to write – but Ethan Hawke over the past five-years has become perhaps the most accomplished genre actor of our day.  Between Daybreakers, Sinister, The Purge and Getaway, Hawke has shown a penchant for bringing the same gravitas he’s lent to more prestigious art house fare into the horror and science fiction genres.  In the excellent Predestination, he stars as a temporal agent sent into the past to recruit a young man (Sarah Snook) in an effort to catch a mad bomber. Things, of course, are not as they appear.  The film’s pretty much a two-character piece and Hawke, with sunken voice and hollowed eyes, more than carries his own as the more cynical and malevolent of the two.  It’s an egoless performance – Hawke unafraid to delve into the darker and more unlikeable aspects of the character.  Hawke treats the material seriously – just as seriously as he would a Boyhood or a Hamlet – and that, in turn, makes all the difference.

In the following interview with the actor, he discusses re-teaming with the Spieirig Brothers (whom he had previously worked with on Daybreakers), the play-like nature of Predestination and where he stands on destiny vs. free will.  For the full interview, hit the jump.

Predestination is now playing in limited release and VOD.  For more on the film, read Matt’s review.


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