Eva Mendes “Pimps Don’t Cry” Music Video from THE OTHER GUYS

     August 9, 2010

If you’re like me, you like booze, fast cars, fast women and Will Ferrell. If you aren’t like me than go away because I don’t like anyone not like me. With that out of the way, a video has been produced for “Pimps Don’t Cry”, a song Will Ferrell and the slinky Eva Mendes tenderly sing to each other in The Other Guys. It doesn’t approach the same level of profane, raunchy frat boy irreverence as Step Brothers “Boats ‘N Hoes”, but it’s still a quick fun watch. The video features the always sexy Eva Mendes and Cee- Lo trading verses about the perils of pimpdom. Considering its origins, it’s a pretty good track and the video sports all kinds of cool 70’s exploitation editing and visuals. The Other Guys is currently in theaters and if you haven’t seen it do so. Now.  Pimp smack the jump for Funny Or Die’s video and click here for Will Ferrell’s NYPD recruitment video.

Pimp’s Don’t Cry ft. Cee-Lo and Eva Mendes

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