Amazon to Adapt ‘Event Horizon’ into a TV Series from Adam Wingard

     August 5, 2019


Amazon and Paramount Television are teaming up for an adaptation of Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1997 sci-fi horror film Event Horizon. The original focused on the crew of a rescue ship seeking answers to what happened to a ship that had an experimental gravity drive. It turns out that the ship went to a hell dimension and it brought hell back with it. Whoops! In all honesty, it’s a terrific story that’s hamstrung by Anderson’s lackluster direction, and I’m certainly not opposed to remaking it.

According to Variety, Adam Wingard will executive produce and direct the series. Wingard’s past films include You’re Next, Death Note, and Blair Witch, and he’s currently working on the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong.

The big challenge with adapting Event Horizon has nothing to do with the premise and more to do with the network. Amazon is happy to greenlight a bunch of content, but unless you reach the dizzying highs of something like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you’re probably not going to last more than two seasons. The idea of Event Horizon is probably enough to tease out a series even though it would work just as well as a new movie. But I’ve become reluctant to invest in any Amazon series because they just don’t really last. I can easily see Event Horizon getting two seasons and then the axe because it’s just content for the farm. Fans and ratings don’t really factor into the decision-making process, so unless the show is a major sensation, you have to hope that they can wrap it in two seasons.

Maybe I’m wrong and Event Horizon will be a major hit for Amazon. Obviously, on Netflix we’ve seen there’s an audience for serialized horror with The Haunting of Hill House, so maybe Amazon will have the same luck. And if not, Event Horizon will go the way of Lore and Hand of God.