Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL DEAD Remake, Trying to Get an R Rating, the End of BURN NOTICE, His Spinoff, EVIL DEAD Tattoos, and More

     November 11, 2012


I need to start by saying I’m sorry to Bruce Campbell and Screen Gems.  I thought I’d posted this interview right after NYCC, and it was only this morning that I realized it never went online.  While it’s a bit late, I promise you it’s still worth checking out.

When I first heard Screen Gems was remaking Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead, like many of you, I was extremely nervous.  But then I found out the original creative team (Raimi, producer Rob Tappert, and star Bruce Campbell) were heavily involved in the remake and they were the ones that picked Fede Alvarez to helm the project.  Shortly after the project wrapped, Raimi told us that the remake would definitely be rated R and is “so bloody it will make your head spin.”  Needless to say, this calmed my nerves and after Matt said that he loved the NYCC footage and everyone loved the red band trailer, next March can’t come soon enough.

Shortly before the Evil Dead panel at Comic-Con, I got to sit down with Bruce Campbell for an extended video interview.  He talked about the fan reaction to the remake, the gore of the film and trying to get an R rating, how he’s seen the cut of the film and it’s 90 minutes, and more.  In addition, he talked about the end of Burn Notice and how he’d like to do a spinoff, scripts he’s written, future projects, and the best part of the interview: he showed me a ton of awesome tattoos that fans have sent him.  Hit the jump to watch.

Bruce Campbell:

  • evil-dead-2-image-1:11 Talks about his popularity at Comic-Con.
  • :38 Is there anything that he collects? Shows off some great pictures of Evil Dead tattoos.
  • 4:02 Has he had anyone come up with Burn Notice tattoos? Talks about the difference between popular movies and cult movies.
  • 4:38 The negative fan reaction to the idea of the Evil Dead remake. “We’re all over this project. Rob Tapert was there producing every day on set, Sam has been there all along, I was involved in casting very heavily because we want to get good actors who know what they’re in for. So hopefully that’ll mellow fans out, that they know we’re not trying to screw them over.”
  • 5:47 Talks about the gore of the film and trying to get an R rating. “We have to try and get it to R. Wish us luck. We haven’t gone through the ratings nightmare yet, that’s coming. We have a screening coming up for the MPAA, I can hear them laughing already. ‘You want an R rating? (evil laugh).’ I can hear their evil cackle from here. We’re gonna see, but we’re gonna give them the toughest version that we can give them. That’s what they want, you want a horror movie, man. Bring it.”
  • bruce-campbell-burn-notice6:38 Says he’s seen the cut of the film and it’s 90 minutes.
  • 6:55 Talks Burn Notice and the length of his contract with the show.
  • 7:50 Talks about the show being 18 episodes a season.
  • 8:17 Says he’ll likely be done with Burn Notice after next year, but he’d like to do a spinoff. “I’ll be done with this show next season, I mean seven’s plenty for anything. But I have no problem spinning the character off. There’s been lots of talk about that, because we’ve already done a TV movie version of it.”
  • 8:50 Does he think the seventh season could be that last season of the show? “I don’t run the show, but seven’s a good number. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with seven. It gets too expensive after that, everybody wants big money. They want David Caruso money after that, back up the truck. And studios are kind of like (flips off the camera) ‘Yeah? Why don’t you back up on that?’”
  • 9:14 Talks about scripts he’s written and future projects.


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