Ewan McGregor Gets In THE LAST WORD

     May 15, 2009

ewan_mcgregor_image__2_.jpgOne of the things I like most about Ewan McGregor (other than his dreamy Scottish eyes) is that you never know what he’s going to do next.  It’s impossible to pigeon-hole the guy because one day he might be doing some god-awful summer blockbuster like “Angels & Demons” (read my review!) and the next he’s getting all sorts of crazy critical acclaim for stepping up and doing “I Love You Phillip Morris”.  He’s an exciting actor and one you can’t dismiss with a simple one-line summation.

So it should be no surprise that McGregor is re-teaming with his “Young Adam” director David Mackenzie for “The Last Word” which The Hollywood Reporter describes as “a love story set in a city where people are slowly losing their sensory perception.”

That has to be awkward.  It can’t be easy to express love when you’re losing your senses.

Man: I love you.

Woman:  What?  I’m going deaf.

Man: Then let me write the words I feel.

Woman: I’m already blind.  Please don’t tell me you love me.  I already know you’re hideous.  Plus, I’m totally numb down there anyway.

Man: Our love will stand the test of time and sensory perception!

Woman: What?

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