Exclusive: Bong Joon-ho Talks About His Next Film SNOW PIERCER

     October 12, 2009

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At this year’s Toronto Film Festival, I managed to interview a ton of great filmmakers. Unfortunately, it’s taken a long time to get them all edited and online. But I am currently working on the last interview and it’s with a great filmmaker from South Korea named Bong Joon-ho. In case you don’t recognize his name, he directed a fantastic monster movie called “The Host”, and he also directed “Memories of Murder” and one of the films in “Tokyo!”. He’s a filmmaker whose work I really love and if you haven’t seen his movies, I cannot recommend them enough.

Anyway, while he was promoting his latest movie “Mother” (full interview online soon) I got some info on his next project “Snow Piercer”. According to the Joon-ho, he will be joining the ranks of filmmakers taking on the end of the world as his next film is based on a graphic novel named “Le Transperceneige” from France and it takes place in a new ice age. More after the jump:

bong_joon-ho_director_of_the_host.jpgAs you’ll be able to watch him say in the video below, Bong says his next project takes place in a world covered by ice and snow. He says it’s about a group of survivors that end up on a train and we watch their journey as they struggle and fight with one another as the train is still broken up by class. Ultimately, it’s about human nature under extreme circumstances. He told me the plan is to write the film next year and to film it in 2011.

He goes on to tell me why he wanted to make the movie, how he wanted to do this before “The Host” came out, and what he thinks of the comic book genre and is it as popular in Korea as the rest of the world. Again, look for the full interview very soon.

Bong Joon-ho – Snow Piercer

  • What is he writing now? Talks about a project called Snow Piercer. Says it’s based on a French graphic novel about the end of the world. It’s about a group of survivors that end up together on a train and they end up struggling and fighting with one another. The film takes place after the destruction of the world. The world is covered by ice and snow. It’s a new ice age. Says the train is running and it’s broken up by class.
  • Why are so many filmmakers dealing with the end of the world in movies right now
  • Says he wanted to make this movie back in 2005. Before he made The Host
  • Is the superhero genre just as popular in Korea and would he ever want to make one
  • When is he going to film the movie. Says 2011.


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