Exclusive: Director Chris Weitz Says Expect 10 Minutes of Deleted Scenes on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON DVD

     November 6, 2009

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When you attend a press junket, you never know where and when you’re going to land a scoop.  Sometimes you get a great story during a roundtable interview, and other times you’re sharing an elevator ride with the director of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and you ask him about the DVD.  Which is what happened to me today.

On my way to do an interview with producer Wyck Godfrey, I happened to run into director Chris Weitz.  Since I didn’t have a chance to ask a question during the press conference, I used my shared elevator ride to find out what extras would be on the DVD and how many minutes of deleted scenes “Twilight” fans could expect.  While he confirmed the usual stuff like a commentary with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, the big news is he told me there would be around ten minutes of deleted scenes.  More after the jump:

Twilight New Moon teaser movie poster.jpgFrom the way Weitz spoke, I believe the DVD is going to have the deleted scenes placed back into the scene so you can watch the full scene play and not just see the stuff that was cut out.  I’m not sure if the movie will be an extended edition, or if the deleted scenes will be in a separate area of the disc.  I’m sure we’ll hear about that soon enough.

The big news for fans is you’re going to get ten extra minutes whenever the DVD/Blu-ray gets released.

Here’s my conversation with Chris Weitz.  Due to the short amount of time, I was unable to find out exactly what was cut out.

Collider: What can we expect on the New Moon DVD?

Chris Weitz: On the DVD there will be some deleted scenes, there will be a commentary with me and I think Kristen, Rob and Taylor at the same time, and some making of and behind the scenes type stuff.

My big question is how many minutes of deleted scenes?

Weitz: I think it’s around twenty.

Is there really going to be that many minutes?

Weitz: Yeah, but sometimes it’s just showing a whole scene with bits that have been cut out. There is not like twenty minutes of stuff thrown out.  It’s like here is the fully expanded scene.

Here’s my question….the Twilight fans are obsessed with seeing stuff they haven’t seen before. So how many minutes do you think of footage that’s not in the theater would be on the DVD/Blu-ray?

Weitz: I’d say a good ten minutes of groovy stuff they haven’t seen.

So why did you cut it?

Weitz: The running time of the film and the cadence of how I wanted the film to play.

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