Exclusive – Director McG Video Interview TERMINATOR SALVATION

     May 21, 2009

mcg.jpgWith “Terminator Salvation” set to invade theaters, I’m finally posted all the interviews I did with the cast and filmmakers. I’ve already  posted my interviews with Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, and now it’s time for my exclusive video interview with director McG.

During my time, we talked about what it’s like to make a movie over the course of a few years. Also, we talked about my favorite shot in the movie – a long take that seems to go on forever that involves a helicopter. Of course we also covered all the usual subjects and for fans of McG’s television shows, I asked him about “Supernatural” and “Chuck”. Just know the interview was taped over a week ago….before news of “Chuck’s” renewal was confirmed.

Finally, since we cover specific things that happen in the movie, this interview needs a SPOILER warning. If you don’t want to know anything about “Terminator Salvation”, do not watch this interview till you have seen the movie. Trust me, after you see it, you’ll love hearing him talk about how he made it and why he made certain decisions.

Of course a big thank you to McG for giving me so much of his time. And if you’re reading this…I’d like to take you up on the offer to see the deleted scenes! Watch the interview after the jump:


  • What is it like to make a movie over the course of two years? McG talks about what he had to do to bring Terminator Salvation to the screen.
  • He talks about the lack of edits. The film has some amazing long takes. McG talks about some of his influences
  • I ask about my favorite shot in the movie. It’s at the beginning and it involves Christian Bale and a helicopter
  • Guns N Roses talk
  • How involved is he in his TV shows like Supernatural and Chuck
  • DVD/Blu-ray talk – says 30 to 40 minutes of deleted scenes will be included
  • I then ask if this is going to be one of those times where the filmmaker tells me one thing, but the actual DVD will only have a fraction of them. He insists there are 30 minutes of deleted scenes on the DVD
  • Is it nice for him to be embraced by fandom right now

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