Exclusive: Director Stephen Sommers Video Interview G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA

     August 3, 2009

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What director Stephen Sommers has gone through on “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” has really been unfair. For the past few months, many unfounded rumors have followed both him and the movie. One rumor was he got fired. The other was “G.I. Joe” wasn’t a good movie.

So it’s finally time to set the record straight. I’ve seen “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” twice and can say with certainty the film will surprise you. Not only is the movie non-stop action, but it’s the kind of movie that normally comes out in early June and not August. Also, I went to last night’s screening with both Joe and non-Joe fans and everyone loved it. Again, this movie will surprise you.

Anyway, earlier today I interviewed director “Stephen Sommers” and we covered every subject you can imagine – from making the film to all the rumors about a plagued post-production. If you’re a fan of “G.I. Joe” or just curious what director Stephen Sommers had to say about all the rumors, the extended interview is after the jump:

Finally, I’ve got a few more “G.I. Joe” interviews to run, so check back each day for a new one. And here’s the mini-review I posted a few weeks ago.

Stephen Sommers

  • Says he literally just finished the film. Talks about where he’s been
  • I ask what has the process of making G.I. Joe been like with all the less than positive online buzz.
  • Compares how the first Transformers was attacked to what happened on G.I. Joe
  • Talks about how he had final cut
  • We talk about how easy it is to follow the action in G.I. Joe
  • Talks about his history with movies and how he developed his style
  • What’s the one scene he thinks worked out perfectly and the one area that maybe didn’t work out perfectly
  • We talk about how the film is non-stop action. I ask how he made it happen with the budget
  • What’s going to be on the DVD/Blu-ray – says there is a scene with Rachel Nichols that will be on it
  • How is Tarzan progressing
  • G.I. Joe sequel talk – even after all the stuff that has happened, would he want to do the sequel. Says he would *love* to make another Joe.
  • 11:40 Spoiler Alert. Do not watch from this point on till you see the movie. Concerns ending. We warn you during the video to stop watching.
  • Stephen talks about future G.I. Joe movies. Again, DO NOT watch this part till you have seen the movie
  • Talks about other Joe characters he’s like to use in the future

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