Exclusive: DISTRICT 9’s Lead Actor Sharlto Copley (Wikus Van De Merwe) Video Interview

     August 16, 2009


Would you believe Sharlto Copley had never acted in a movie before “District 9”? While he’s produced, directed and written short films in South Africa, he’d never thought about being an actor until director Neill Blomkamp chose him for the role of Wikus in “District 9”. And after watching the film, I cannot imagine anyone else doing a better job.

Anyway, I was recently able to speak with Sharlto and I decided to save the interview till a lot of you had seen the movie. After all, since Sharlto isn’t exactly a household name, I figured you’d be a lot more interested in watching him talk now that you’ve seen his work. During the interview he talks about making “District 9”, Comic-Con, working with the CGI, and a lot more. It’s a great interview with an actor that’s just beginning his career. Watch it after the jump:

Finally, if you missed my interview with director Neill Blomkamp you can watch it here. And here’s Matt’s review of “District 9”.

Sharlto Copley

  • Did he ever think the film would be so big
  • Has he heard the buzz from the people who have seen the film
  • Did he geek out at Comic-Con
  • How did he prepare for the role
  • Does he have a lot more respect for actors after doing the role
  • Sharlto talks about filming the action
  • He talks about filming against all CGI aliens
  • What is the best part of filming on location and the worst part
  • Is he more excited to do acting after this or go back to directing
  • He talks about his relationship with Neill


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