Exclusive: Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen Red Carpet Video Interview MAD MEN

     August 16, 2009

Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen Mad Men season 3 premiere event.jpg

Over the last week or so, I’ve posted tons of red carpet interviews with the stars of the brilliant AMC show “Mad Men”. Since season three premieres tonight, it’s time to post the last two and the first one is with real life couple Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen.

On “Mad Men”, Elisabeth plays Peggy Olson. And most will know Fred Armisen from his very funny work on “Saturday Night Live”. During the interview, they joked about being a “power couple”, does “Mad Men” season three go to 11, and we talk about Elisabeth’s Emmy nomination. Take a look after the jump and remember to watch “Mad Men” tonight!

Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen

  • We talk about a joke he just made
  • Congrats on the nomination
  • Are they a power couple
  • Do they have the wonder twin rings
  • Season 3 talk….does it go to 11?
  • Does she know what the finale will be