WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: Exclusive Interview with Catherine Keener and Max Records

     October 15, 2009

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As most of you already know, opening tomorrow is director Spike Jonze “Where the Wild Things Are”. By now you’ve all seen the trailers/commercials and have heard the positive rumbling on the interweb. I’m hoping all this chatter has gotten you motivated to see it this weekend. If it hasn’t, let me say one more time….”Where the Wild Things Are” is a film worth seeing. Spike Jonze has crafted a beautiful movie that’s an artistic achievement. If you want more movies that take chances and are original, you’ve got to support them opening weekend. Trust me, it matters.

So to help promote the film, I recently got to speak with Catherine Keener and Max Records. They talked about promoting the film, working together on set, and a lot more. Take a look:

Finally, if you’d like to watch some movie clips from “Where the Wild Things Are”, click here.

Catherine Keener and Max Records

  • What’s the promotional process been like
  • Catherine talks about being an associate producer
  • How was it on set finding the characters and working together
  • Did Max keep a diary of times he got hurt on set?

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