Exclusive Interview: Christina Hendricks talks MAD MEN Season 3 on the Red Carpet

     August 13, 2009

Christina Hendricks Mad Men Season 3 premiere event - slice.jpg

One of the best shows on television returns this Sunday night for its third season. The show I’m talking about is AMC’s “Mad Men”. To help promote the new episodes, AMC recently held an event at the Director’s Guild in Hollywood and I was on the red carpet talking to the cast. While everyone was very guarded, if you’re a fan of this great show, I’m sure you’d still like to see what they had to say. While I already posted my interview with John Slattery, I’ve now got one with Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway on the show.  Take a look after the jump:

And one thing before watching. If you regularly watch my video interviews, you know I usually ask good questions and I’m a decent interviewer. But for some reason with Christina Hendricks…let’s just say I wasn’t on my game. I don’t know if I was nervous…but I could’ve done better. You’ll see as you watch:

Christina Hendricks

  • What’s this ride been like for her
  • Is this premiere bigger than the last one
  • How does season 3 compare to the first two seasons
  • Where are they in the filming process
  • Finale talk