Exclusive Interview: FRINGE Showrunner/Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner

     August 10, 2009

Jeff_Pinkner image.jpg

If you’re a fan of FOX’s great show “Fringe”, I’ve got an interview you’re going to love. That’s because a few days ago I went to the post production headquarters of “Fringe” and spoke with Showrunner/Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner about what’s coming up this season and a lot more. While I sometimes say “a lot more” when posting an interview, those words don’t begin to cover this interview as we talked about so much, there is no way to sum it all up in this intro.

But before getting to the interview, if you’re not watching “Fringe”, you’re missing out on a great show. Last season (which was its first), the show got better and better each week and it all came to a head with a hell of a finale. Also, by the end of the season, the show had figured out how to create self contained episodes that also furthered the mythology of “Fringe”. And even when you thought there wasn’t any mythology in an episode, the show always found a way to reward its fans. Trust me, tune in this season and give it a chance. You won’t regret it. Watch the interview after the jump:

fringe_tv_show_image_joshua_jackson_and_anna_torv__1_.jpgFinally, the last thing I’ll say as a sales pitch for “Fringe” is…Bad Robot produces the show. That’s J.J. Abrams company. The same company that made “Alias” and currently produces “Lost”. While each show is different, they’re all cousins. So if you’re a fan of “Alias” and “Lost”, that’s just another reason to tune in…

And like I always do, I’ve listed everything Jeff and I talked about. Since the interview is quite long, I broke it up into two parts. The only thing to know is, Jeff discusses a few things that happened in season one in part one of this interview. People trying to avoid spoilers, you’ve been warned.

And one last thing, a HUGE thank you to Jeff for giving me so much of his time.

Jeff Pinkner Part 1

  • Reveals we are in his office at the writers and post-production facilities of Fringe
  • What was the summer like for him between season 1 and 2
  • Talks about a roundtable conversation between J.J. Abrams, himself, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, Bryan Burk, and J.H. Wyman. They spent a week preparing season 2
  • Did they talk about season 3,4,5
  • Why did they end season 1 the way they did
  • Stand alone episodes versus mythology
  • How is FOX to work with. Do they say less mythology and more character stuff. He explains how TV networks are designed to be conservative. Explains how Lost was designed.

Jeff Pinkner Part 2

  • Why and how did the production moving to Canada change the show
  • Guest casting.
  • Will Leonard Nimoy do more than 3 episodes
  • Bad Robot question – any chance of putting in Easter Eggs from the other shows. He talks about Slusho and the red ball.
  • Says there are character references in Fringe this season (episode 4) to other shows
  • Where are they in the writing process – says they are writing 6 and 7, working on 8/9 and they have ideas for many others
  • What were the TCA’s like and Comic-Con
  • I ask if he bought anything at Comic-Con
  • We talk about how things have changed with eBay and how fandom has lost the need to hunt for anything
  • Does he do Fringe 8 days a week
  • What does he want to tell fans about season two of Fringe