Exclusive Interview: John Cho on A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS and the Status of the STAR TREK Sequel

     March 11, 2010

John_Cho.jpgWhile on the set of ABC’s hit show FlashForward today, I was able to speak with John Cho about the status of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, and what’s up with the Star Trek sequel.   The good news for fans of the Harold and Kumar series is the sequel is still moving forward and Cho said the plan is to film this June!  He said they’re currently figuring out who will direct the third installment and Neil Patrick Harris is supposed to be in it.  He said the film picks up a few years after the second film and it’s a legitimate holiday movie.  He also said the plan is to still release the film this holiday season in theaters.  Of course with Kal Penn working in Washington, it’s still not 100% the film will happen.  But he seemed very optimistic.

And regarding the Star Trek sequel, he said they’re still working on the script.  We also talked about lens flares and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch the interview or read a bullet point recap of what he told me:

Harold and Kumar News

  • looks like it is happening
  • script has been turned in
  • we catch up a little bit later in Harold and Kumar’s lives
  • takes place over the holiday season
  • this could be a legit holiday movie
  • the intent is to honor the holiday traditional style of movies
  • doesn’t know if there is an issue with Kal Penn
  • studio tells him they’re moving forward on it
  • no director yet
  • confirms theatrical release
  • thinks the movie is still on track to come out this Christmas
  • Neil Patrick Harris is supposed to be in it
  • Says they are not living together anymore…film jumps forward a few years
  • Plan is to film the movie during his hiatus – thinks filming in June
  • meeting with directors right now
  • Still figuring out if there are complications with Kal’s schedule

Star Trek sequel update

  • Heard they are still working on the script
  • Hasn’t heard anything about the villain yet
  • Has he tried to pitch anything for Sulu
  • We talk about the lens flares and what did he think about them


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