John Woo Exclusive Interview: Talks RED CLIFF and His Next Movie FLYING TIGERS

     October 15, 2009

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A few hours ago I got to interview director John Woo. While his last few projects didn’t wow me, he’s made more than a few films worth watching and two of them I absolutely love (“The Killer”, “Hard Boiled”). Thankfully, his new movie “Red Cliff” is a return to form and it’s finally getting released in America on November 20th.

Anyway, during the interview, Woo talked about the shortened running time for the American release, how the success of “Red Cliff” has given him creative freedom to make whatever project he wants, and he talks about his next movie, “Flying Tigers”, and reveals what it’s about and how it’s going to be very expensive. More after the jump:

Since there is no way for me to quickly sum up what “Red Cliff” is about and the differences between the American release and the one that was already released in Asia, I suggest reading this. But the for those that don’t want to click… “Red Cliff” is about the Battle of Red Cliff that took place in 208 AD and was immortalized in the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He got an all-star cast to help him tell the story and when it was released in Asia, the film was a massive success and it’s already made back more than double its production budget. The other thing to know is when it came out in Asia, it was broken up into two parts and it was five hours long. But for the American release, John supervised a new cut and it’s only two and a half hours.

So about this interview…as you’re about to see, John talked about a lot of subjects, but the highlight was his confirming “Flying Tigers” is his next project and he tells me it’s about an American volunteer group who worked with the Chinese Air Force to fight the Japanese. He went on to say the movie is about the friendship between the Chinese and Americans and it will have a lot of amazing action sequences. He also said it would have a similar budget to “Red Cliff” (which was $80 million) and he hopes to film next summer.

Anyhow, here’s exactly what we talked about. If you’re a fan of John Woo, I’m sure you’ll like this interview. Take a look:

John Woo

  • What was the difference making this film in China versus Hollywood
  • 1:50 – In America the film is two and a half hours. The Asia release was five hours. Will the full version ever be available in America and which does he prefer his fans to see
  • 2:38 – The film was made for 80 million dollars and it’s already made over $200 million worldwide, how was that changed what projects he might want to make. He says he can do any project he wants now.
  • 3:00 – Flying Tigers talk – says it’s his next project. Another WW2 movie. Same scale as Red Cliff. Says he is still developing Hollywood movies like Le Samurai and Marco Polo
  • 3:50 – I ask if Flying Tigers will have the same budget as Red Cliff (80 million). Says he will have the same kind of budget. Says it is a big movie and it’s about an American volunteer group who worked with the Chinese Air Force to fight the Japanese. Says the movie is about friendship between the Chinese and Americans. Says the movie will have a lot of amazing action sequences
  • 4:40 – When will he start to film Flying Tigers. Says they are still working on the script but they are going to try and film next summer
  • 4:58 – I ask about Metroid and Rainbow Six and what ever happened to both projects

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