Exclusive Interview: Platinum Dunes Producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Plus Updates on MONSTER SQUAD, OUIJA, FRIDAY THE 13th 2, and the NIGHTMARE Blu-ray will Have a 6-Minute Alternate Ending

     April 26, 2010

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Earlier today I got to sit down with Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller to talk about A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Since I’ve spoken to them many times about the movie on set and at last year’s Comic-Con, I decided to use my time asking about many things…not just what was it like to cast Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy.

During the ten minute interview we discussed box office numbers, how close were they to converting Nightmare to a 3D release, how are future projects being affected by 3D, what happened to Friday the 13th 2, what’s up with Butcherhouse Chronicles, Monster Squad and Ouija.  But the coolest thing I learned for fans of Nightmare is the Blu-ray/DVD will have a 6 minute alternate ending!

Hit the jump to watch the interview.  As always, I’ve time indexed it so you can watch the sections you care about:

If you missed the 5 clips from A Nightmare on Elm Street, click here.  Look for more interviews soon.

Andrew Form and Brad Fuller

  • What’s it like to drive around and all you see are Nightmare on Elm Street billboards and posters
  • 1:10 – Do they check the box office all the time opening weekend
  • 2:30 – 3D – How much debate was their between the studio and the filmmakers in converting Nightmare to 3D.  They say they do not want to convert 2D movie into 3D. They want to make films in 3D.
  • 3:30 – How are their future projects being affected by 3D
  • 4:00 – What exactly happened with Friday the 13th part 2 as the first one was profitable – they explain how the first movie is owned by both Paramount and New Line and both studios are making less movies so it’s harder to get the sequel made.  They talk about how they have less slots to release a movie.  When the economy gets better…the sequel will hopefully get made
  • 5:35 – Has there been any talk of one studio making the film than making it a co-production
  • 6:20 – What are they doing next…what’s coming up.  They say The Butcherhouse Chronicles isn’t happening right now.  Monster Squad is a “big priority” for them.  They are sitting down with writers this week.  They say they’ve talked 3D for Monster Squad.
  • 7:05 – Ouija update – The Tron Legacy writers are working on the script
  • 7:40 – Is Monster Squad an easier sell due to name recognition to the studios.  They say it’s PG-13 and might be 3D.  Also, it might be a Nickelodeon movie which might make it more attractive to Paramount
  • 8:35 – A Nightmare on Elm Street DVD talk – They say there will be a 6 minute alternate ending.  And not just a shot or two…the last 6 minutes of the movie are completely different!


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