Exclusive: Shia LaBeouf talks Y: THE LAST MAN – Says the Project Could Still Happen

     June 21, 2009

shia_labeouf.jpgFor the last few years, director D.J. Caruso has been trying to bring Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s “Y: The Last Man” to the big screen.

D.J. has always said he wanted Shia LaBeouf to play the series’ protagonist Yorick Brown. But recently, Shia has said the character is too close to his “Transformers” role and that led to everyone speculating the project wouldn’t happen.

Not so fast, says Shia.

You see, yesterday I sat down with the in-demand actor as a reporter for our partner website Omelete. Shia is out doing a lot of press for “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen” and I got some time with him on camera. In the next day you’ll be able to see the entire interview, but after the jump you can see Shia explain his love for “Y: The Last Man” and how the project might still happen.

He also says one of the reasons they’re not making it is, “the script is not ready to be shot. DJ is making a different movie right now. He’s making “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

Interesting. More after the jump:

Here’s the video. The transcript of what he said is further down. Look for the full interview tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

y_the_last_man_comic_issue_23_cover_art.jpgShia: I’m an avid reader of comic books, but to me it seems like a lazy move now.

Are you talking about “Y: The Last Man”?

Shia: Yeah.  And I love “Y”!  “Y” is my favorite comic book.

I have to say I was disappointed when I heard you were not interested…

Shia: Am!  You see, the thing is Brian K. Vaughn, Neil Gaiman, the guys who write the “Criminal” series, these are all my favorite, this is my favorite stuff to read.  It’s the stuff that I love.  “Y: The Last Man” is my favorite comic book.  It’s also DJ Caruso’s favorite comic book.  We DO want to make it.  It’s just too “Sam Witwicky”.


Shia: It’s not as big as a variation for me.  I want to do something that’s foreign.

I know you’re doing “Wall Street 2” and you have other things on the horizon.  Could you see yourself coming to it in two or three years?

Shia: Absolutely, man!  In fact, that’s what’s going on right now.  Vaughn and Ellsworth and DJ are writing the script now.  The script is not ready to be shot.  DJ is making a different movie right now.  He’s making “Jack and the Beanstalk”.  There’s just other things going on with DJ and I wouldn’t want to make the movie with anybody else because he loves it like I do.  But I don’t think Vaughn is trying to give it to anybody else. I think that it is something that’s very realistic, it’s just not in the pipe for the next year.

Okay, so you’re saying there’s still a chance.

Shia: Yeah.  Absolutely, man.

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