Exclusive Interview with MAD MEN Creator/Executive Producer/Head Writer and Show Runner Matthew Weiner

     August 16, 2009

Matthew Weiner Mad Men season 3 premiere event.jpg

If you love the brilliant AMC show “Mad Men”, it’s because of Matthew Weiner. As the creator/executive producer/head writer and show runner, Matthew’s fingerprints are all over the show, as he wrote or co-wrote seven episodes from the first season and ten episodes from the second season. He also directed the season finales. So, as I said, he’s the main reason why “Mad Men” is so great.

Anyway, AMC recently held a special event at the DGA in Hollywood to help promote the third season of “Mad Men” and I managed to talk with Matthew about the show on the red carpet. He talked about how his previous shows helped to prepare him for running “Mad Men”, how does he work out what will happen during the seasons, does the network give him notes, and how he’s writing the end of the third season and what that’s like. It’s a great interview and it’s after the jump:

Matthew Weiner

  • How much did his previous work on The Sopronos and other shows help him with Mad Men
  • How is he with working out seasons
  • Says he is writing episode 11 and calls it cataclysmic
  • Does the network give him notes