Exclusive: Jennifer Connelly talks 9, the Apocalypse, and Working with Her Husband on Creation.

     September 7, 2009


Before getting to the interview with Jennifer Connelly let me say a few quick words on Focus Features’ upcoming “9” movie….go see the film as I thought it was great.  After all, you paid to see tons of crap this summer, so plunk down your cabbage for a decent film for a change.

Anyway, in “9”, Jennifer Connelly tackles her first voice over role as 7, a tough as nails warrior who just happens to be tiny.  At the “9” junket, Jennifer talked about working in a sound studio as opposed to on a soundstage, as well as the upcoming “Creation” with husband Paul Bettany.  Watch the complete interview after the jump.

And for more on “9”, here’s some movie clips and the synopsis.

9 Movie Poster - 7.jpg

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