Exclusive: Julie Benz talks DEXTER 4th Season Finale

     October 18, 2009

Julie_Benz Scream Awards 2009.jpg

Last night I was on the red carpet at the 2009 Scream Awards. If you look at the front page of Collider, you’ll see how many interviews I’ve already posted. Anyway, another person I got to speak with was “Dexter’s” Julie Benz. If you watch “Dexter” on Showtime, you know she plays Dexter’s wife Rita.

So when I got to speak with her, I asked her how this current season has been going. She told me they just wrapped on the finale and when I pressed for some details, she gave me some minor spoilers. Since I don’t want to reveal anything to the people that want to stay spoiler free, only click the jump if you want to learn more about where this season of “Dexter” is going. She also talks about the five films she did during last year’s hiatus and says the plan is to start filming season five next May.

Since you hit the jump….when I asked her about the finale she called it “shocking” and said it changes the show “at its core“. But the big news about the season finale is unlike previous seasons which have neatly wrapped up major storylines, this season ends with a cliffhanger! What this means is…it’s going to be a long wait until season five. Here’s the full interview:

Julie Benz

  • Says she just wrapped on this season of Dexter
  • Says the finale is “shocking”. Also says it changes the show “at its core”. Also reveals unlike previous seasons, they have a cliffhanger this year.
  • Says their normal shooting time is May – October and she expects that to continue next year for season five
  • Talks about the 5 movies she did on last year’s hiatus like Boondock Saints 2 and a few TV movies
  • Calls the first season her favorite of the first 3 seasons