Exclusive – Justin Long Video Interview DRAG ME TO HELL

     May 26, 2009

Justin Long.jpgOpening this Friday is director Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me To Hell”. As I’ve said a few times on the site, it’s an awesome movie and one that you should absolutely go and see – especially if you’re a fan of old school Sam Raimi. While you might have been nervous that the “Spider-Man” movies made him forget how to scare an audience, “Drag Me To Hell” shows he’s still got it. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this movie.

So to help promote the film, I recently got to interview the cast and Mr. Raimi himself. My plan is to post an interview everyday and up next is Justin Long.

In the film, Justin plays’s Alison Lohman’s boyfriend. What’s great about his character is that he’s not the typical boyfriend with tons of issues. Instead, Justin plays someone really in love and he’s willing to do anything to help when things start to go wrong.

Anyway, during my limited time we spoke about his other career working as a salesman for Apple, working for Sam Raimi, and is he surprised by how popular “Galaxy Quest” still is. And for people that missed the movie clips I previously posted, click here. Again, “Drag Me To Hell” opens this Friday.

  • I thank him for that Die Hard 4 interview awhile ago
  • I ask if it’s nice to make a movie after all the MAC commercials
  • Was it always a dream to work with Sam and to be in this genre with Sam
  • What is his favorite Evil Dead movie
  • Is he surprised by the super success of Galaxy Quest

Justin Long image Drag me to Hell (1).jpg

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