Exclusive – Luc Besson and Sci-Fi Fans Rejoice!

     November 13, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Not every one knows the name “Luc Besson”. But you know his work: “La Femme Nikita”, “The Professional”, “The Fifth Element”. You know he’s the goods.

And while many directors may want to revisit a genre where they’ve turned in great work, Besson has been rather silent as a director over the past decade and has only directed three films since “Element” and none of them were science-fiction.

But with his involvement in the two sequels to 2006’s “Arthur and the Invisibles” wrapping up, Luc told me that he’s finally going to start work on the sci-fi flick he told me about last year.

Flashback to last year: At the press junket for his movie “Angel-A”, Luc told me he had an idea for a new sci-fi movie and it might be a trilogy.

When I asked him when he might make it, he said, “Not before two or three years. I got an idea, I think.” He also revealed that he wanted to make “The Fifth Element” as a trilogy but the producer “didn’t have the guts.” As a big fan of that movie, that news was painful.

Flash forward to the present day: I go to cover the press junket for “Transporter 3” (which Besson produced), and I had only one thing on my mind: his plans for that sci-fi flick.

Thankfully, Luc remembered who I was and as we walked from the press conference to the elevators, we talked about the project. While he wouldn’t tell me what his sci-fi movie would be about, he did confirm that he’s going to be working on it next year! He gave me the sense that come 2009 he’s going to sit down, write it out, and see where the idea goes.

Granted, plans change and priorities get shifted, but Luc’s been talking about this project for a while and it looks like he’s finally returning to sci-fi!

Below you can read Luc’s future plans for this flick in his own words.

I’ll be sure to provide any updates as I get them.

Collider: When I spoke to you at “Angel A”, one of the things you mentioned to me was that you wanted to work on another sci-fi kind of movie, that you had an idea…and I know you’re doing Arthur right now, but how is the idea from two years ago…do you still have something?

Luc Besson: Next year.

Collider: Really?

Luc: yeah. It’s long too.

Collider: You mentioned to me back then that you were thinking of doing a trilogy.

Luc: Yeah.

Collider: So is that still the plan and the same idea? And when do you think you’re getting started?

Luc: Next year.

Collider: Is it going to be a part one or is it a self contained movie with the possibility of doing more?

Luc: Honestly, right now, I’m all about the characters and I didn’t divide yet….it’s a big story, I’ll see later.

Collider: Do you envision doing it as part of a studio system kind of movie or doing it in France?

Luc: I’m not there yet. First is the story. Characters, story. And when it’s good and ready you always find people who like it.

Collider: You mentioned the second and third Arthur movies…so how are those coming along?

Luc: It’s done. I still have 3D work on them but the shooting is done. I shot 2 and 3 last summer and we’re still working on the 3D. You have 11 layers of work on 3-D and I’m at layer 4. I still have 7 layers to do.

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